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Power of Mac OS X + Magic of iPad = OS X Lion

Power of Mac OS X + Magic of iPad = OS X Lion

Apple’s new operating system, “Lion” will be launched at a developers conference in San Francisco on June 6. As per the details on the Apple website the OS version looks promising. It stats that Apple is bringing the best thinking from iPad and putting it to work in Mac OS X Lion. A sneak peek of the this eighth major OS release was given by Apple in October, 2010 at California which was followed by a developer preview on February 24, 2011.
Top features of the OS includes The Mac App Store, Launchpad – A home for your apps, Full-screen apps, Mission Control, Gestures and animations, Auto Save, Versions, Resume, Mail 5, AirDrop, All-new FileVault & Lion Server…

Preview of the Mac OS X Lion (Courtesy of Apple)

Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion

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