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LIC for Young Souls

LIC for Young Souls

It always feels nice to start earning when one is young. Today there are many youngsters who start earning in there college days. Earning early in life gives one the chance to invest early. As it’s said the early you start investing the more risk taking capacity one has. And more are the chances of profit / high returns on investment.

LIC is one such option when it comes to investing your hard earned money. And yes, LIC is a lot cooler than what is used to be earlier. Lets dig deep!

A life insurance policy is a long-term relationship. And what you are told / explained while taking the policy, you may not remember after a year. So its better to note down everything.

Getting in touch with LIC

Info Centre: 1251 (std code followed by 1251)
Website: www.licindia.in

The Great Policy

Getting a policy isn’t tough either. Contact an LIC agent or just call the Info Centre number mentioned above. Once you have the policy – keep the policy bond safely. This is the document, which contains all the information regarding your policy.

Paying your premium

This is a easy. You can pay your premium using LIC’s website, drop a cheque to your LIC agent. You can also make cash payment at AXIS BANK branches. The choice is yours!

LIC Checklist

Sr. No.ChecklistTick Here
1I have kept the Policy bond in a safe place
2I have informed someone as to where the bond is kept
3I have checked the policy schedule in the 1st page.
4I have noted the policy number in my diary along with the due dates and premium amount
5I have noted the Branch phone number in my diary
6I have noted the LIC IVR / INFO Centre number is 1251
7I have understood that in my own interest I should keep LIC informed about my change in address, phone number, email id.
8I have noted that I should pay premium even if I have not received the notice
9I have a nominee under the policy

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