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Chalk Social Media Icon Set (FREE)

Chalk Social Media Icon Set (FREE)

Social media play such a huge role in driving traffic to our blogs and website. I started looking out for unique Hand Drawn or Painted Social Media Icons for using in designing a thank you card for esbe.

After few minutes we were unable to find what we were looking at. So I decided to make a Social Media Icon set based on Chalk theme.

You are free to download and use the Chalk Icon set as needed. Do let me know if there is any icon which you feel can be added, I would be glad to include more icons in the list.

Download Chalk Social Media Icon Set

[The zip file contains vector file (.ai) and PNG files in size 128 px * 128 px]

a Designer. a Student. a Son. a Brother. a Friend… Working as a Designer, my typical day goes all about designing. I work on Print Designs which include ads, brochures, posters, and more. I also work for Web, its not as much as compared to Print, creating webpage layouts, banners and playing with HTML and PHP sometimes.

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  1. Ranu Banu · August 1, 2017 Reply

    nice icons but link is DEAD!!! 😛 :{

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