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UltraCopy – A TeraCopy alternative for Mac

UltraCopy – A TeraCopy alternative for Mac

In our day-to-day on computer we move many files and folders. Copying single files or folder is not a problem. The problem arises when the data to be moved is very large in number (files) and / or size.

If you are a PC user you must have used or heard about TeraCopy. Its a software used to copy and move files at the maximum possible speed, providing the user with a lot of features like pause / resume, error recovery and lots more.

And if you are a Mac user you can find a software called UltraCopy which does the same work as TeraCopy. You can use it to transfer huge data files from one Mac to another over a network or form your Mac to your external hard disk.

UltraCopy can be downloaded for free from here

Features of UltraCopy

Ultracopier is faster than a lot of default system tools. It provides many advanced features: Starting/resuming the copy process, speed limitation, searching in the copy list, etc.

Anticipates internal and external errors. Gives detailed information about the error and suggests several methods to treat it.

Multiple options are available in order to manage file collisions: always overwrite, overwrite if newer, etc. Provides information about source and destination

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