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Twitter – An easy way to stay in touch!

Twitter – An easy way to stay in touch!

Staying connected with people from across the globe had never been so easy. With the ever increasing span of social media, the world today seems to have shrunk on my computer screen or mobile in that case. No longer it is required to check time before contacting or messaging people residing in a country other then yours. Just leave an email, a message on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter. The person is sure to receive your message instantly without getting annoyed.

Lets dig into
“How Twitter can help you stay connected and in turn help you learn a lot?”

Firstly lets know about Twitter. – Twitter is an information network.

It is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest information about what you find interesting. Simply find the public streams you find most compelling and follow the conversations.

You just need to follow the people, company or brand you want to keep in touch with. As soon as the person you follow posts an update on his profile, you are notified immediately. So today I can stay connected with Adobe and learn about their new products and developments. I follow Adobe Photoshop profile and it has kept me abreast of the latest developments and also tips and tricks of the software usage. Likewise I follow many individuals which includes fellow designers from around the world. I can stay updated with the latest design trends followed by many designers.

This site is monetized using Google Adsense and InfoLinks. Here I would like to share with you a true example. InfoLinks too have a Twitter profile. After setting up my account with InfoLinks I thought why not follow them and say “Hello”. I did just that. And to my surprise instantly I got a reply from them. This shows that getting in touch with the company is not that difficult. I can ask them for suggestions or tweet them stating any issues I am facing and I am sure they will reply with a solution. But the best part about tweeting is that the feedback which I will be getting would be under 160 characters. Which means the feedback would be to the point and precise.

Another example I would like to share with you is of my friend. She had planned to visit a foreign university for her higher studies. She completed all the preparations and formalities needed and received the offer letter from the college as well. Now once you get the admission confirmed that is when the real rush starts. You may have many doubts and queries in your mind. You need to arrange a flight, arrange for room, find room mates, student’s insurance, timetable the list is endless. I suggested my friend to follow the colleges’ Twitter profile and keep a track of the updates and guess what! Everyday she received updates from the college and many of her queries were solved. The updates pointed out each and every minute details. Since the messages were directly from the college representatives there was no doubt on its authenticity too. Also incase of a doubt, the college representative would just be a tweet away.

So to wrap up this long post (I hope it was not boring) I would like you to please help yourself and get a profile on Twitter. Start following the people, company or brand you want to stay connected with.

And if you want to stay connected with me you can follow my tweets too. 😉

a Designer. a Student. a Son. a Brother. a Friend… Working as a Designer, my typical day goes all about designing. I work on Print Designs which include ads, brochures, posters, and more. I also work for Web, its not as much as compared to Print, creating webpage layouts, banners and playing with HTML and PHP sometimes.

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