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Kala Ghoda Art Festival – 2011

Kala Ghoda Art Festival – 2011

Just like the last year, this year too the Kala Ghoda Art Festival was fun and inspiring.

Below are images and descriptions of some of the art installations present in this year’s festival. Enjoy!

Save Tigers!

SaveTiger1_kalaghoda SaveTiger2_Kalaghoda

Aspiring Reconciliation

Aura Arts presents “Aspiring Reconciliation” by Veguri Ravindra Babu

My present installation is about Sound which is the result of vibrations of the air, one of the five elements of nature. Sound is the energy in the air. This artwork depicts the physical energies of the environment, which is a combination of cosmic and earth energies which forms the essential energy serving as a vital force required for existence of all life forms Any imbalance in the interplay of these forces can result in chaos. An invisible equation operates between the elements outside, the elements within the individual and the living surroundings which deeply effect their mental well being…, such is the impact of sound on all living beings.

“All this talk and turmoil and noise and movement and desire is outside the veil, within the veil is silence, calm and rest” — this artwork is just antagonistic to this saying, whether inside or outside veil — the deeply seated meaning, to stay in peace/tranquil state, remains the same.

Aspiring_1 Aspiring_2

Visual Horsepower

Shreyas Nilkanth Khanvilkar

Power machines are related with a basic thumb rule called Horsepower. When we a say that the engine is 2 horse power we correlate its capacity to generate power which is equivalent to 2 horses. Bullock carts, horse carriages, power driven vehicles, generators ship engines, etc, all required a guideline to measure speed. Science termed this speed in relation with a horse which is now called as Horse Power.

The Horse is cosmetically covered by all types of vehicles which man has discovered since the evolution of the wheel. Younger generation to correlate art with science and technology to educate themselves while observing this gigantic horse and feel the anatomy by virtually touching it.

Horsepower1 Horsepower2 Horsepower3

Incredible India

Sunaina Bhaila

‘India, the land of opportunity…Incredible India, The next global power… When I look at India, this is what I see!
I see dazzling beacons of commerce alongside large scale corruption, large scale modernization alongside poverty, talent in cricket and chess alongside natural calamities, the Nano’s announcement of India’s arrival on the world stage alongside scams and scandals. The story of India is complex and exhilarating. There are ups and downs and break neck roller coasters, but somehow I think we do land on our feet and reinvent ourselves each time to continue working on a better future. This work is an interactive one, let’s see what happens when one tries to rearrange India as we know her. She could change for better or worse — it’s anybody’s guess and everybody’s responsibility.

Interacting with this art work

This artwork has been created to engage the viewer. The grid has 9 squares (2 sided), one of which is empty. When arranged in the correct sequence, both sides transform to reveal a bigger picture. You may choose to leave it as an abstract work by rearranging only some of the squares or you may complete the picture on either side. Method: Remove the hook on the chain from the square and let it fall to the side. This will allow the squares to move horizontally or vertically . You may move the squares any number of times and in any direction. The end result is a complete picture on both sides. After the picture is complete please attach the chain and hook in the same position as before. This is important as otherwise the two squares above the empty one will come down automatically. Please be gentle!

Contact them at
Email : sunaina@sunainabhalla.com  Website : www.sunainabhalla.com


Save Nature Grow Treasure.

Dilip J. Vaity
In last one century due to rapid industrialization there has been significant progress throughout the world. But we have damaged the ecosystem of the earths atmosphere in 75 years to such an extent that our future generations will blame us for bringing a catastrophe beyond ones imagination. Our ecosystem balance has been compromised in the name of progress. Time will come when all the agricultural growth will be intoxicated with pesticides and harmful chemicals. Human being himself is responsible for the unforgiving act. Hence conveying a message of saving nature has become a necessity for all surviving individuals.
The sculpture shows how in future agricultural growth inside a pea shell will be have residues of metal indicating rapid industrialization (hence stainless steel ball are used) . The man is shown in a form of a worm inside the shell of a pea indicating he is a parasite himself ,showing a sign of triumph for destroying nature.

Nature1 Nature2

Ambey-se-darr (one of my favorite)

When gods of business, enter the business of gods!
Corporate giants looking at temple as a fantasy business model with 4 point advantage plan.
1. The ‘brands’ are already established.
2. No royalties for the franchising.
3. Public fund raising purely by donation.
4. Word of mouth advertising.
From loyal clientele… and as the real estate price hikes up the model expands to mobile temples at your doorsteps, Just a phone call away – operated through call center. And the tax benefits are surely an icing on the puri…
But hold on giants you are being watched. God is omniscient.
Ambeysedaar2 Ambeysedaar3 Ambeysedaar4


“mumbaisini” Come together and make Mumbai glitter.
Mumbairis a land of diversity – Art, Languages, Lifestyles, Cultures, Hpabits, Geographies and Scripts. Different yet united by an iinmisilalie.Golumon thread – Mumbaism!
Concept by
Pankaj Gharde – pankajgharde@gmail.com – 9869338624
Mumbaism1 Mumbaism2 Mumbaism3

Euro 14

Mangesh Y Rajguru

The human living -aith high temperature on Earth, having more toxic gases. greenhouse gases in the air, lack of trees, still wants to use more and more vehicles. The human will make the pollution norms more stringent and imagine it is EURO 14… the environment would be more polluted. in my EURO 14 installation I represent my imagination that the pollution from a single vehicle in EURO 14 vAll be equivalent to pollution from fourteen vehicles as on today. To protect from this intens- pollution man will need (DP/gen cylinder and a mask while riding and that will be compulsory to riders like a helmet.
It is my sincere request to restrict the use of vehicle, use bicycle for short distances, use public transportation. Plant Trees, nourish trees and Save Trees Save Earth Save our life. Save future generations… Gift the pollution free earth to your future generatitri!!!

Euro14_2 Euro14_3

Boot & Foot Race 2011

Priyanshu Thakur (Child Artist, 11 Years Old)

The concept of installation presented here is “Feet are Racing with Shoes”

“Clay empowers me to work with joy, where simple clay modeling becomes my world. The touch of the clay makes me active in beautiful world of new reality. It is when I am working in the studio that I am set free, here I can be anybody: man, women, child, alien, animal, king, queen, alive, dead & Shoes, Tea pot, Toys… anything. I can swim in a stream of time, fly on a magic carpet, laugh with fictitious characters.

I am 11 years old, studying in 6th std. My parents are fine Artists. By looking at their work since age of five, I am taking interest in clay sculpturing, sketching and painting on canvas. I have given demonstrations of clay sculpturing at Nehru center 2010, Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2010, Lavasa Art Festival 2010 & Press conference of Surbhi Art foundation 2011 at Juhu, Mumbai. My work has been taken by people in India & Abroad.


Stage Acts

Stageevent1 Stageevent2 Stageevent3 Stageevent4 Stageevent5

More snaps from the event

KalaGhoda_2011_1 KalaGhoda_2011_2 KalaGhoda_2011_3 KalaGhoda_2011_4 KalaGhoda_2011_5 KalaGhoda_2011_6 KalaGhoda_2011_7 KalaGhoda_2011_8 KalaGhoda_2011_9 KalaGhoda_2011_10

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  1. Samarth · March 7, 2011 Reply

    Nice compilation of all the artworks displayed at the kala ghoda Festival. Somehow this compenstaes my absence from the event. Thanks for sharing.

    • Pratik · March 7, 2011 Reply

      I am glad it helped. I am happy that the post achieved its goal – to cover the whole event with details of ever installation so that people who have missed the event can still read about the art installations and appreciate the artists behind them.

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