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iBall Slide supports Terrific Performance by Shubhreet

iBall Slide supports Terrific Performance by Shubhreet

“Terrific Performance” is said whenever a person has done something which is beyond the expectations of others. Several times in reel life we saw some brilliant performance by an actor/actress , but this girl “Shubhreet Kaur” delivers a genuinely captivating performance in the real life.

Despite of tragedy that took place in her life and all the difficulties which she faced, She never give up rather she comes up with double force and positive attitude and shown the world that if you are hardworking, optimistic and full of life you can achieve anything you want …You can chase your dream easily…As said “Just when the Caterpillar thought it was over, She Became a Butterfly”…This thought perfectly suits “Shubhreet Kaur” a true inspiration for all the people who has faced a lot of problems in their life and at some or the other point started thinking of giving up with their lives .She deserves and was appreciated as she was the first runner up at ”India’s Got Talent” .

From the bottom of my heart I really appreciate the efforts taken by “iBall” for promoting and supporting “Terrific Performance” of such people. Hats off to “Shubhreet Kaur”-a real idol for every individual.

Here is the Terrific Performance and a short story of “Shubhreet Kaur “ supported by iBall

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