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Font Types, Family and more.

Type has always been an important part of design for me. It creates moods, enhances or retards readability, and gives the communication an image.

Type Font is a set of all lowercase and capital characters, numbers and punctuation marks in one size and face.

Whereas, Type Family is a name given to two or more series of the types that are variants of one design. For example, Times New Roman, it is available in upper and lower case with roman, italic and bold variants. In simpler terms, type family is a collection of fonts that are similar in design but vary is size and boldness.

Classification of Fonts.

Serif fonts have a small stroke(serifs) on the end of each characters. The serifs usually help make the font more readable. Many novels, school and college books, reference guides use serif fonts. Example of serif fonts includes, Times New Roman, Baskerville, Palatino.

Sans Serif
This is a type of font that does not have the small feature / stroke (serifs) at the end of each characters. This is the most popular fonts in use today.
San Serif

Slab Serif
As the name suggests, it is similar to serif fonts. This has a rather strong, square finishing strokes at the end of each characters.
Slab Serif

It is a type of visual art of writing. It mimics the rhythm and movement of the hand. On a common basis we find this font on our birth certificates, maps and testimonials.

Open Type
Open type fonts have an expanded character set. Meaning, this type of font can have many glyphs, as many as 65,000. Open type fonts are cross-platform, and can be used without modifications on Mac OS, Windows and some Unix systems.
Open Type

This is a type of font with gives handwriting feel. It is handwritten type fonts usually with connecting forms or cursive.


a Designer. a Student. a Son. a Brother. a Friend… Working as a Designer, my typical day goes all about designing. I work on Print Designs which include ads, brochures, posters, and more. I also work for Web, its not as much as compared to Print, creating webpage layouts, banners and playing with HTML and PHP sometimes.

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