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A look at major Mobile OS – Part 2

A look at major Mobile OS – Part 2

This article is in continuation with my previous article on Mobile OS.


This is by far the easiest OS to get used to. iOS takes the credit for totally changing the mobile operating system scene. Its icon-driven interface and support for applications makes it the most desirable OS of them all. This OS is only found on Apple iPhone. The OS has been steady improving over the years and has added features like cut and paste, multi-tasking and lots more. What’s interesting about iOS is the largest array of apps. Which the help of apps a user can do just about anything on their device. Web browsing experience & email support is simply fantastic on this OS.
The only drawback of this OS is that it still does not support Adobe Flash and is only available on Apple iPhone.

Blackberry OS

Until few years ago BlackBerry phones where only used by businessmen. But things are changing fast for BlackBerry. The OS is rock solid in terms of security and is built for work related applications. But with the newer versions of the OS entertainment is also taken care of. There are not many apps available for Blackberry OS when compared with other mobile operating systems. And as like iOS this OS is also only available on devices manufactured by the company. Below are the version of prominent BlackBerry OS.

  • OS 4: This OS is only seen on old blackberry phones and was largely driven by menus. It was very minimal in terms of usage of icons. It focused more on messaging and email.
  • OS 5: This is was OS which announced that Blackberry is more then just a business phone. A shortcut panel was added on the homescreen plus icons were made smoother. The support for social networking, messaging and email was enhanced as well.
  • OS 6: This is the latest version of the OS and offers better icons and a smoother interface. Multimedia is also taken care of. Notification bar is added for easy pointing of new SMS and Emails. With all these added frills Blackberry still remains strong when it comes to email communications and security.

Windows Mobile / Phone

Windows Mobile 7 is the latest offering by Microsoft and is considered by many as the new wave in mobiles OSes. Microsoft had to come up with a totally new look for the Mobile 7 after facing tough competition from Android and iOS. Windows Phone 7 comes with large brilliant icons and labels. On the phone’s Start screen, “live tiles” show users real-time content, such as social media updates and contacts. Its excellent for mail and multi-tasking. As with Blackberry, Windows Phone 7 has very few apps. Windows Phone 7 OS can only be found on high-end devices.
HTC HD7 is the latest device using Windows Phone 7.

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